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Healthy Classrooms, Healthy Students

Since students spend a significant amount of their waking hours in school, educators have a unique opportunity to strengthen the connections among healthy classrooms, healthy schools, and healthy communities by establishing healthy classroom rewards, celebrations, and non-food fundraisers. This module offers educators suggestions on how to establish healthier school communities using the California Health Education Content Standards and Common Core State Standards. Resources that promote language arts literacy and health literacy are provided as a means of helping students to choose healthy behaviors for a lifetime using 21st Century learning strategies.

Part 1 of 10: Healthy Schools


Part 2 of 10: Healthy Role Models


Part 3 of 10: Healthy School Rewards and Celebrations


Part 4 of 10: Smart Snacks in Schools


Part 5 of 10: Healthy School Fundraisers


  • Competitive Foods in Schools

    The CDC has a variety of resources and information related to competitive foods in schools.
  • Competitive Foods and Beverages

    Specific to California, this site has more information about competitive food and beverages.
  • Healthy Fundraising

    Additional healthy fundraising suggestions and resources
  • California Project LEAN

    Provides tools, resources, and training materials for preparing and implementing healthy school nutrition policies to create positive environmental change.
  • Alliance for a Healthier Generation

    Working in collaboration with the School Nutrition Association, The Alliance for a Healthier Generation created a calculator and other tools to successfully implement the Smart Snack legislation.

Part 6 of 10: Food Fundraisers


Part 7 of 10: Non-Food Fundraising Ideas


  • Fundraising Options Available to Schools

  • Fundraising Ideas for Schools

  • Sample Pledge Sheets

    Customizable pledge sheets provided by the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO Today) to support non-food fundraising events at your school.
  • Family Fitness Night

    Learn how to help elementary school and after school programs get families involved in fitness through a Family Fitness Night. The family-based fitness activities are designed to be used as stations, and tips are included for choosing stations based on the needs of participants and layout of the space.

Part 8 of 10: School Recognition Programs


  • Alliance for a Healthier Generation

    The Alliance for a Healthier Generation provides levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze) of recognition to schools for providing healthy school environments that align to recommended practices and standards.

Part 9 of 10: Common Core and Multimedia Texts


  • Here are three video clips that would be appropriate to use in lessons about analyzing and evaluating multimedia texts.
  • About Our Healthy Skills Program

    Alliance for a Healthier Generation YouTube video
  • Smart Snacks on Demand

    Learn next steps for your school in our smart snacks video led by our National Nutrition Advisor, Jill Turley.
  • Second Chance at Success

    Alliance for a Healthier Generation YouTube video: "A Second Chance at Success: NYC's West Side High School"

Part 10 of 10: Healthy Classrooms and Writing Standards